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DATE                          : 05.04.2013


AGE                            : 32

PLACE                         : İSTANBUL/KARTAL

TOPIC                    : Mr. Necati had slipped disc and weight problems. He used slipped disc pack , myslimmer and panax 4 months. His pains passed. He start to sleep and walk easily. Also he loose weight 20 kg.

REPORTER         : Hi, You are welcome. Could you tell us about yourself?   

PATIENT            : My name is  Necati Akar. I came from Kartal.

REPORTER         : What was the your problem?

PATIENT            : My problem was slipped disc and weight problems.

REPORTER         : Can you tell me about affects?

PATIENT           : I couldn't run. I couldn't move. I had backache. I couldn't sleep

REPORTER        : Have your son  seen the medical treatment?

PATIENT           : No. Only physiotherapy. It wasn't good.

REPORTER        :How long are you  using herbal products?

PATIENT           :  I used 4 months.

REPORTER        : Which products did she use?

PATIENT           :  I used My Slimmer . panax and slipped disc pack.

REPORTER        :What do you see as benefits?

PATIENT           :  I used slipped dsc pack and my backache passed. I can sleep easily. I used My Slimmer  i lose weight. 20 kg.

REPORTER       : What would you tell the Doctor Ömer Coşkun?

PATIENT          : God give healt care.

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